New York Roads - Old NY 3

Former NY 3

EB on the old alignment of 3 just west of Great Bend. I selected the photos that show the old concrete pavement below the asphalt and the stub end that curves back into modern NY 3.

Natural Bridge Caverns, too far north for tourism.

Facing east at a former railroad trestle abutment.

Looking east and west at the asphalt-topped original concrete state highway at the Jefferson/Lewis County line.

First Jefferson County town WB, top and bottom of the same signpost.

The real attraction isn't a cavern, but a pair of crackled cast iron 1920s signs of the type that used to be omnipresent in New York. This one is considerably the worse for wear, reseated on its original post despite losing its mooring at the bottom.

The circle atop the sign was for the route number. Here you can faintly see a black "3" against the once-white background.

The other sign in the pair, in somewhat better condition, WB.

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