New York Roads - Old NY 26, Vestal/Broome CR 48

Former NY 26 in Vestal and Broome CR 48

The original alignment of NY 26 followed Moss Rd. north to what was once a bridge across Choconut Creek.

Newer old NY 26, Main St., crosses an unnamed tributary looking south from Meeker Rd. Choconut Creek comes later.

Reunited with the original alignment on Glenwood Rd. (perspective in 1st photo), old NY 26 NB recrosses Choconut Creek.

It takes almost as long to get back to NY 26 by turning right on NY 434 as it does to continue north on old NY 26 into Endicott, so why the right arrow?

Doing just what I said, continuing north across the North Branch Susquehanna River. There's a NY 17C shield missing in the last photo, but click on the one that remains for a closeup. The bridge and only the bridge is CR 48; the rest is town maintenance.

River Terrace WB up to the north bridge portal. You can see the bridge dates to 1935.

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