New York Roads - Old NY 23, Greene Co.

Former NY 23, Greene County

Not quite the right road? Someone decorated his driveway with these castoffs from downstate, along Old Road east of Windham. It would have been cooler if he got a matching pair for both sides of the post.

A few ancient guiderail posts along the WB side of an old alignment between High Peak Rd. and Durso Ave.

The next old NY 23 alignment, Durso Ave., is the gift that keeps on giving. It seems like a normal dead-end old alignment, until you realize there's nothing stopping you from continuing EB past the dead end onto a dirt road, that turns into a dirt trail, that turns into tire tracks, but miraculously never dies for over mile.

Back west to the part of Durso Ave. that everyone else still uses.

Another old sign on another old alignment, by Morrison Rd. and dating to the 1920's. Thanks to Doug Kerr for showing me where this was. Notice how the arrow stretched from border to border, and due to being embossed was stronger than the rest of the sign.

The EB and WB signs of a place that died with the NY 23 realignment, along CR 20A west of Acra.

Briefly poking my nose into the stub at the east end of CR 20 (which comes in from the north to take over old 23), then back out again.

The first WB shield on CR 20 came from somewhere else. It's just off NY 23, before getting to the old alignment through Acra.

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