New York Roads - Old NY 12

Old NY 12, Greene (Chenango St.)

All photos southbound, pretty much.

The last photo is the "pretty much," because it's northbound, obviously the counterpart to the SB sign. Something about the sign seems like it was state issued, but I don't know how long ago Greene was bypassed by NY 12.

Various historical and/or historic signs, and a church where you'd expect to find one. The blurry sign tells you that Greene was settled in 1792 by Stephen Ketchum and French refugees, and Talleyrand visited his compatriots here in 1795.

History continues south of NY 41/206. I am going to refrain from jokes based on the last sign, but they seem inevitable.

The semblance to a state highway increases past the village line. Had we stopped to read the canal sign, we may have headed over to the river for an impromptu look at aqueduct ruins. Notice that the village speed limit (at top) was 30, but the town speed limit is 40, meaning the village of Greene is contained within the town of the same name.

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