New York Roads - Old NY 104/Ridge Rd.

Old NY 104, Ridge Road

Old WB stuff.

This guy's got it going. He has expertly repainted a former EB sign from when Ridge Rd. was still NY 104 and appropriated it for his own, in front of a historic garage with restored period pieces, and for good measure, next to a fully restored train station. The labor of love can yield incredible rewards sometime, given that there was never a railroad here before. (It's up by current 104.)

WB at Maple Ave. and Mill St. in Sodus.

The west and east ends of Resort Rd., an old alignment of Ridge Rd. and thus a doubly old alignment of NY 104.

WB from an old bridge at Mill Pond in Wolcott to Lake Bluff Rd., which was a temporary connection between Ridge Rd. and the new US 104 from from 1968 until the improved now-NY 104 was completed in 1974. That means these signs must date to 1968. It's amazing that they weren't patched in the 1972 conversion or removed in 1974.

Peeking west down another old alignment of an old alignment west of Hannibal, Rochester St., which clearly continued beyond this point once upon a time.

Heading back east from there up to 66 Rd. and into town, last photo courtesy John Krakoff.

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