New York Roads - Long Island Renumbering

Renumbering the State of Long Island

Freeway, expressway, and parkway numbers are assigned as 1xx's. County routes (Suffolk only, because that's where they're signed) are not listed, and neither are city-maintained (i.e. unofficial) parkways. State routes are unsigned if they're concurrent with Interstates.

See my routes mapped! Courtesy Ben M, click to see each route number in the "ID" field.

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NEW (from W-E and S-N)
NY 24LI 25 (western 24), LI 35 (eastern 24)
NY 25LI 15
NY 25ALI 5 (west of NY 25 concurrency), LI 1 (east of NY 25 concurrency to Sound Ave.), LI 19
NY 25BLI 11
Former NY 25C (Union Tpk.)LI 9
NY 27LI 104 (Prospect Expressway), LI 45 (east to NY 109), LI 145 (east to end of Suffolk CR 39A overlap), LI 55 (east to end)
NY 27ALI 54 (east to Merrick Road), LI 55
NY 101LI 26
NY 102LI 29
NY 105LI 41
NY 106LI 30 (north to split with NY 107), LI 40
NY 107LI 44 (north to junction NY 106), LI 30
NY 108LI 46
NY 109LI 39
NY 110LI 50
NY 111LI 66
NY 112LI 76
Former NY 113 (Suffolk CR 104)LI 86
NY 114LI 90
Former NY 115 (Wantagh Ave.)LI 34
NY 135LI 150
NY 231LI 160 (north to Southern State Parkway), LI 60
Former NY 254See NY 25A
Former NY 276See NY 27A
I-278LI 100 (north to Brooklyn Battery Tunnel/I-478), LI 106
I-295LI 116
NY 347LI 105
NY 454LI 31
I-478/Brooklyn-Battery TunnelLI 100
I-495LI 125
I-678LI 110
I-/NY 878LI 141
Secret NY 900ALI 94
Secret NY 900BLI 36
Secret NY 900CLI 96
Secret NY 900DLI 51
Secret NY 900FSee NY 25C
Secret NY 900JLI 20
Secret NY 900PLI 16
Secret NY 900WLI 55
Secret NY 901ALI 64
Secret NY 901BLI 10
Secret NY 906A/906BSee I-495; maintained as part of LI 125
Secret NY 906C/906DSee NY 27; maintained as part of LI 145
Secret NY 907JLI 20
Secret NY 908HLI 4
Secret NY 908LLI 59
Secret NY 909GLI 141
Bay ParkwayLI 151
Belt ParkwayLI 135
Bethpage State ParkwayLI 154
Brooklyn-Queens Expressway spurLI 114
Cross Island ParkwayLI 120
Grand Central ParkwayLI 106 (I-278 overlap), LI 115
Heckscher State ParkwayLI 135 (southeast to NY 27), LI 174
Jackie Robinson (Interboro) ParkwayLI 116
JFK ExpresswayLI 124
Loop ParkwayLI 149
Meadowbrook State ParkwayLI 130
Northern State ParkwayLI 115
Ocean ParkwayLI 155
Robert Moses CausewayLI 166
Sagtikos State ParkwayLI 170
Southern State ParkwayLI 135
Sunken Meadow State ParkwayLI 170
Wantagh State ParkwayLI 140

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