New York Roads - Old Country Rd.

Old Country Road

Rather than sacrifice the quality (or attempted quality) of this WB photo at Zeckendorf Blvd., I split it in half. I like the lower half better, but a white-on-green Long Island parkway shield has its charms.

WB at some imaginative LGS's that need to drop the black shield background, but I wouldn't touch any of the 106 shields here (even the narrow one, which again has its charms). It's unfortunate that someone (Nassau County?) taped over the arrows on the NY 106 shield assembly, because they must be as old as the shields.

EB at the Seaford-Syosset Expressway, though you may know it as the Seaford-Oyster Bay. It would have been the Wantagh-Oyster Bay Expressway if the stubs at both ends had been extended along their intended paths, but for some reason the Oyster Bay part was never dropped.

Same road WB, finally with the -mile advance I had been told about years ago.

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