New York Roads - NY Mills

New York Mills

Entering the small town on Henderson St. EB.

Turned north on Clinton St., and then trucks get another warning on Main St. NB even though the truck route supposedly turns onto Burrstone Rd. I would have expected "No Trucks Over 5 Tons." Of note is that Main St. is state-maintained (secret route 921B), but has town signage.

Clinton St. SB (or sorta WB, just to clarify things) says trucks turn right. New Hartford St. SB from that intersection has another one of those truck regulation signs. But since Henderson St. is on the truck route (it being the right turn from Clinton SB), these signs are clearly not limited to only non-truck roads. I wish there were some consistency, but that would probably mean the demise of all these old town-erected truck signs.

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