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Courtesy Doug Kerr, I believe this bridge shield is or was found northbound, because I didn't see it southbound.

Business NY 52 is the old route of 52 into Beacon; NY 52 uses I-84 around the city, much of which was opened as the bridge approach well before the rest of the Interstate was completed. I don't know why the shield suddenly shows up here, north of the bridge, when the Business route only runs through Beacon south of the bridge. To see more photos of Business NY 52, follow the link at the bottom of the page.

NY 9D SB/Business 52 EB, north of the above assemblies.

I think the sign engineer missed a decimal when he input the radii of the side curves on this southbound sign. The correct one is included to further your amusement at this oversized monstrosity.
Little Stony Point

Rotating from looking north (up the eastern bank of the Hudson River) to looking west at the sunset behind the southern Catskills.

Rotating to looking south along the western bank of the Hudson River, and then, since another stony point gets in my way, I walk over to that one and show you West Point (on the far side of the river) and Cold Spring (on my side), just to the south of Little Stony Point.

Perspective fails this photo, but keep in mind how far down the treetops are as you figure out how far up I am.

Southbound in Hudson Highlands State Park, with a beautiful old random building at the north end of the tunnel (it's actually where the Catskill Aqueduct heads under the Hudson River - thanks Shayne Stephens), and then plenty of signs at the south end. Preserve America indeed - not if you cover it with steel posts! Click on the tunnel photo for a virtual drive. Gee, did the text just get bigger?

Dutchess CR 77 SB at US 9, where 77 ends and 9D begins.

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