New York Roads - NY 9A/Henry Hudson Pkwy. - S. of I-95

NY 9A/Henry Hudson Parkway south of I-95

79th St. WB, then keeping my focus on the inner rotary as I circle all the way around, finally exiting back out EB. Are those flags inside? Miniature sailboats?

SB from the George Washington Bridge, with a few photos taken the day of Hurricane Irene (such as the leaning 95th St. overhead). Riverside Drive pops in on the left from time to time on whatever type of structure it can find. Arches seem to be preferred, though. The Exit 13 signs are all button copy and the second one appears to have been on the pole behind it originally. Exit 12 tries with its centered exit tab but fails. What should be Exit 11 but has no number takes a different tack, using the original signposts from the 1950's expressway boom.

Looking east and west at the SB Exit 11 ramp crossing under NY 9A. It acts like it's going to loop back to the NB side, then suddenly curves into 95th St. The SB entrance ramp actually does function as a U-turn after the NB ramp has joined the mainline, and then merges into NY 9A SB with a quick weave to this exit.

The arches hold up Riverside Park at 105th St. The solid wall holds up Riverside Drive north of 125th St.

Southbound under the viaduct that carries NY 9A over Exit 12 from 125th St. to 129th St. In that order. Because 125th St. is on a diagonal.

Some views of the Henry Hudson Pkwy. viaduct between 158th and 145th Streets, from the west side along the Hudson River Greenway.

Northbound on same.

The 145th St. flyover, the curved roadway in the first photo, serves parking for Riverbank State Park. I find it interesting that this strip of waterfront is state-owned. When it reaches the top of the cliffs, though, the fun begins. That's not just a decorative arch for an abutment. That's the original connection from 145th St. to the waterfront before the Parkway was built. That's paved in cobblestones, cut off from the street grid, century-old exploration opportunity. 138th St. still has a waterfront connection, but it's been modernized.

Repurposed signals instead of blinkers on 158th St. WB, then heading south between Riverside Dr. and Henry Hudson Pkwy. to eventually get back onto NY 9A SB.

A view south of the North River Wastewater Treatment Plant, and yet more arches. These were built in 1978, although the plant wasn't operational until 1985. By 1993, there was a park on top, so you wouldn't even know of the sludge that flows within. I kept the top of the Riverside Church in the photo.

Let's close with some button copy, NB.

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