New York Roads - NY 9A/Henry Hudson Pkwy. - I-95-Bronx

NY 9A/Henry Hudson Parkway, I-95 to Bronx

NB up to The Bridge, with the Little Red Lighthouse living beneath its eastern pier.

Old and now-gone button copy signs from where the NY 9A Exit 14 ramps come together, courtesy John Krakoff. The ramp from NY 9A SB turned onto Riverside Drive SB and then looped into the left side of the ramps, while NB traffic pours in on the right. The many lanes this creates then all split even more confusingly, with multiple opportunities to head to the same destinations.

However, I'm happy to report that one remnant persists, at the ramp split for the Upper and Lower Levels on the north side of I-95.

SB bridge photos, with Fort Lee attempting to gain more towers by constructing The Modern.

From 185th St. to 182nd St., this is the 100-year old wall of Charles Paterno's castle. He was a landscape developer who built a castle over 11 years from 1905-1916 with several riverfront acres, then moved out and had the whole thing demolished in 1938 to build the current Castle Village towers. Building a castle just to abandon it? That's money. The original wall now holds up the towers from the railroad and parkway below, although you can see in the 4th photo that there's a newer portion of the wall. That's where it collapsed in 2005 and had to be rebuilt.

Does this building look like a face to you? Because you look like you have a face to it.

Entering this former NB pullout the wrong way, this was Inspiration Point, originally built as a lookout in 1925 but cut off by the parkway in the 1930s. It originally had a roof and lower level bathrooms, but if you can imagine what would happen to lower level bathrooms in Manhattan, they were wisely removed for the 1990s restoration that left this plaza. It's now accessible along the Hudson River Greenway.

This gate along NY 9A NB is probably another remnant of the 1920s.

Get off my lawn! Well, it's Billings Lawn, not my lawn, but you're not allowed on it. At least from down here, since you'd have to cross the highway and scale this wall.

The NB-only Fort Tryon entrance crosses under the old road to The Cloisters. The old traffic lamp is across from there on the west side of NY 9A NB, which I think once signaled the ramp to slow down and use caution to merge.

Closing with some SB button copy.

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