New York Roads - NY 96

Yes, the photo is right-side up. You'll have to trust me.

Just after Tioga CR 25 ends and NY 96 begins, here's a sign at Montrose Tpk.

Continuing NB past the beginning of NY 434 (old NY 17), not even needing to cross the river to be wowed.

Of course, there's more if I do cross the river. These are SB from NY 17C in Owego (named for Owagea, of course) up onto the bridge.

Just like NY 69, 96 shields can get flipped - even when there's an adjacent shield in the right direction. This is courtesy Doug Kerr.

A different turnpike is signed north of Owego. For a short stretch, this road was both NY 96 and NY 38, until 38 was truncated to their intersection. In my opinion, that was the wrong road to truncate, not just because of the reference markers, but also because 38 is the through road at the 96 junction.

SB from Ithaca into Tioga County; the houses are in Candor. What is it about NY 96 that generates errors? Or is it only when other routes are involved?

SB starting in Interlaken. Beware the storm.

Courtesy Doug Kerr.

SB in Waterloo, where NY 96 jogs right on the south side of town, and then down to a confused road in Romulus. The only reason the ads are in such good condition in the first photo is that there was a building on that corner for about 100 years, removed just before I got there. This is a pretty remarkable look back in history, unrestored, and unaltered by years of successive tenants.

At the corner of Marsh Rd. in Bushnell's Basin.

Driving just a few more feet down Marsh Rd. to a one-lane, open-grate truss bridge.

As I do for every bridge, engineering meets art.

Back west across the bridge again to a town-erected historical sign.

Two more views of the bridge and the Erie Canal as I continue north toward Rochester.

Not done with green-painted iron truss structures, as I pass an Erie Canal lock and then cross it on NY 96 NB, looking west at a rusty railroad truss. It could use a nice coat of green paint.

Part sculpture, part monument, this strange, modernistic wire installation is at the northern end of NY 96 as East St. meets Main St. in Rochester. As you can see, it was so tall I had to stitch together two photos.

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