New York/Ontario Roads - NY 840/Oneida CR 840

and Oneida CR 840

There's a strange disease afflicting many of the NY 840 shields, causing them to come out too bloated and angular. 3M-umps?

A stop sign gets reused as a stop sign, but backwards, at the northern end of Old Valley Rd., which then intersects Old Judd Rd. NY and CR 840 occupy Judd Rd., so Old Judd Rd. sounds of interest. (Note that it's not old NY 840 or CR 840, as those designations were applied more recently.)

Interest, indeed. This former vehicular bridge is just barely holding on to take pedestrians over the Oriskany River.

Looking down at the water through the open grating, and, for good measure, looking back up. Luckily, I didn't see myself.

Looking south from the bridge at Oriskany Creek, and looking south from the creek at the bridge.

While I'm down there, this is what led to the reverse grating photo.

Back east to the car.

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