New York/Ontario Roads - NY 812/Prescott-Ogdensburg Br.

and Prescott-Ogdensburg Bridge

SB from NY 3 past a railroad truss.

NY 37/812 NB and SB at the ends of their concurrency around Ogdensburg, second photo courtesy Doug Kerr. Thanks to Ontario for furnishing these shields to New York.

I'm going to separate this sign from the rest of the bridge photos so that you can enjoy button copy on its own merit.

And now, the bridge from Ontario into New York with a couple of eastward views, the west side being marred by a factory. I bet the silver car gets pulled for secondary inspection just so that the agents can look at it.

The northern end of the bridge at Highway 16, which should really be "TO" 416. The 401 is most likely bilingual because this is an international bridge.

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