New York Roads - NY 7B/Old NY 7

NY 7B, old NY 7

All photos taken westbound.

Osborne Hollow, an old alignment of old NY 7.

The changeover was recent enough that the reference markers all say 7 instead of 7B. Why not just keep NY 7 on this road? It's a direct route, 7 isn't carrying much traffic, and there's a tie-in at Exit 3 of I-88 instead of Exit 4.

I bet the reason is that the tie-in takes this ungainly sharp right-hand curve onto NY 369 in order to get to Exit 3. The old alignment bears left into the truck parking area and then gets swallowed up by I-88 around the hills. There's no room for a separate NY 7 between Exits 2 and 3, but no real need either, because there's no room for a building.

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