New York Roads - NY 7 - Sidney and W.

NY 7, Sidney and west

SB and NB very close to the PA border.

A passel of NB signs, with the best coming last, of course, at Kirkwood-Conklin Rd. No parking from 12 mid? Mid what, midnight or midday? And why is the parking restriction 10/15-4/30 OR after 2" snowfall? How much snow does Conklin get from May to October? And if there's no snow on the ground in April, is it really that bad to park overnight?

Old NY 7A used to go this way across Snake Creek, just south of the modern NY 7A junction.

Southbound in Binghamton, and long since replaced.

Here approaching I-88 Exit 1, NY 7 is about to turn east - just as it joins I-88 for a duplex to Exit 4. This happens because in order to fit between hills and the Chenango River, I-88 had no choice but to overlay old NY 7.

WB starting in Afton toward the beginning of the I-88 concurrency.

A little old reference marker stands guard at a most confusing intersection in Bainbridge. The best way to benefit Main Street in America is to have more of them in your town.

Kelly Rd., old NY 7, merging back into the current road west of Sidney. NY 7 used to head up the Unadilla River, crossing NY 8 somewhat to the north, then crossed the river at a no longer extant bridge and came down the other side. There are still plenty of traces along the entire route, part of which is Chesapeake Dr. and Valley View Rd. on the east shore of the Unadilla.

WB at Main St., Delaware CR 23, in Sidney. Well, almost - Delaware County and Sidney begin at the Susquehanna River. There still is a channelized ramp from NY 7 EB to CR 23 SB, but the old NB-EB ramp is now just a guiderail, a sidewalk, and some greenery.

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