New York Roads - NY 69

NY 69

Old-font sign on the short spur route to Hastings, courtesy Doug Kerr.

WB in apparently historic Camden.

NY 49 and 69 WB leave the short NY 365 triplex and join NY 26 instead.

Mill St. SB at Martin St. in Rome, and then looking NB at the old railroad overpass. See if you can spot the error in the first photo - maybe it will help when I say that no matter what other pages I create, this photo belongs on the 69 page.

Follow the "TO"s to get here.

NYSDOT abandoned this style so long ago, it's found on old alignments that have been bypassed for decades as well as the current route. These are EB at Oneida CR 32 (River St., Oriskany) and WB at Clinton St. in Whitesboro.

Speaking of old alignments, this state-issue sign is on Utica St. EB where it comes back into NY 69 on the east side of Oriskany. It appears to date from when the Erie Blvd. bypass of town was built.

It was morning, so the EB side of this sign had to be touched up but the WB side is fine. It's on Main St., old NY 69, and of course Whitestown is now Whitesboro.

Welcome to Historic Whitesboro, unless you happen to be a native, in which case, welcome to the cold hands of the deadly settlers. Somehow, no one has complained yet.

More from the old alignment, the ever-present danger of libraries crossing. It's in the center of town near the other two signs I've shown you thus far. Because of the sun, I tried flash on the EB sign (these are two separate ones), and I rather like the effect. Don't you?

Main St. WB getting cut off by NY 291, and therefore bearing left into the current alignment of 69. The No Outlet sign gives you an idea how long ago this rerouting occurred - 1950's or 1960's. But there's a better treasure at that intersection, and you can sort of see it in the fork of the road:

Three strikes and the sign wins: It's black on white instead of white on green, it's cats'-eye (a whole generation older than button copy), and if you click on the photo for the closeup, you'll see it's embossed!

In John Krakoff's collection, the first generation of non-embossed shield.

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