New York Roads - NY 67

NY 67

Way back west on NY 5/67 in Amsterdam.

Crossing the Hudson River on the Hemstreet Park Bridge, EB out of Mechanicville.

Buskirk Bridge across the Hoosick River from Rensselaer County (right, where NY 67 is) to Washington County.

Buskirk-West Hoosick Rd. NB. Click to drive it in video.

Back across to Rensselaer County.

NY 67 crosses the Hoosick River itself, EB.

Grandma Moses Rd. is old NY 67 by NY 22. You would expect to find her house on it. Luckily, she is not in it.

As much as I captured at the east end of the multiplex, EB and WB.

If even the street sign is old, good photos await.

This truss bridge has a fair chance of once having carried NY 67 across the Walloomsac River. But now it looks pretty bad. No telling if the railroad crossbucks ever carried NY 67 across the tracks.

Turning around in a parking lot and back out to NY 67.

Right across from Caretakers Rd. is the Battlefield. This sign may hold the answer I seek to why this style of sign can be found in isolated places. The date at the bottom of the sign is 1929, whereas the standard NY historical markers seem to have started in the 1930's. So this is just an older style.

If you lived on the state line, wouldn't you advertise it? But who gets the taxes? Who delivers the mail? And most importantly, whose sewer system do you connect to? (Maybe that last one wasn't a problem in 1794.)

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