New York Roads - NY 59

NY 59 is a multilane divided arterial that parallels the New York Thruway and can be a useful detour when traffic backs up. It runs east-west between the N-S portion of NY 17 and US 9W.

NY 59 isn't yet multilane, west of Suffern on what was NY 17 until the completion of Thruway Exit 15A. On the quarter-mile of extended 59, there are still NY 17 reference markers (little green squares like on the advance Hillburn sign), regardless of what it may actually be, and those state highway markers continue onto the Bypass, which may not even be state-owned anymore.

WB across the Ramapo River on an old truss, next to another old (railroad) truss.

The only old sign I found along NY 59, Monsey Heights Rd. NB.

An imaginative use of green signs when the white ones inside them would do just fine.

Lou Corsaro found these at the exit to a strip mall.

I found these on NY 304 SB. 2/10? You mean 1/5? Why not use 1/4?

These, I found on West Nyack Rd., old NY 59 in West Nyack. I then headed west under the Palisades Interstate Pkwy.

These NY 303 shields are not at all the same. I think the one on the left is more correct, but who's to say?

I think the red stone is a small piece of original milepost, at the Nyack/Central Nyack border by Mountainview Ave.

Broadway, Nyack, NB at Main St., which becomes NY 59 as it heads west.

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