New York Roads/Non-Roads - NY 56/Raquette River

NY 56 and Raquette River

NY 56 follows the Raquette River from Massena down to NY 3. Here's the first SB peek.

In Hannawa Falls, there's an interesting stone arch bridge to the north as NY 56 crosses a widening in the river. Actually, it's part of the dam at the north end of the "lake," across the channel that flows through the downstream power plant. The main river goes over the namesake falls to the left.
Views from the west side of the unnamed "lake," which I'm only calling a lake because it's dammed, so it's more than just a river.

I'm also calling this a lake, though it might also be a pond. There are a number of them on the west side of NY 56, all crossing under to get to the Raquette River.

Sort of like a fraternity rock, except 30 miles from the nearest college (and civilization) in Potsdam.

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