New York Roads - NY 421

The original route of NY 421 WB (then NB) went straight onto the dead end to Warren Point. 421 was rerouted when the new road to Horseshoe Lake was built, and the northern stub eventually became a private driveway. Now, I didn't realize it then, but you can see that that private driveway has a STOP sign beneath the "DEAD END." That's actually a "DEAD / STOP / END" from the 1950s to early 60s, probably dating to when the Horseshoe Lake road opened. D'oh!

NYSDOT doesn't maintain any unpaved roads, so this is the end of 421, shy of the lake.

However, the road that qualifies as "paved" has probably not been resurfaced in 20 years, if at all. Given the light traffic, the winter freezes and thaws have more of an effect on cracking and buckling than any other wear and tear.

Back eastward to the Warren Point driveway junction. Because the road to the left was still public for many years, it made sense to sign NY 421 and NY 30 at the intersection. Despite the change, I'm not advocating to take any of these signs down or replace them. Just fix the pavement, please.

Back over this bridge, however new or old it may be.

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