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Route not found. Try NY 404.

NY 404 WB at its end. End. Meaning it doesn't go straight. Reference route 941B does go straight for a bit, but that's not what this sign says.

Warrenton St. NB, a dead-end with a park in the median. No, dead ends don't usually have medians, nor do they have one carriageway without any houses on it. Now, yes, some do have pavement extending beyond the end due to being a former through road, but you catch my drift - this is a special situation. Warrenton St. was actually once the northeast quadrant of a cloverleaf interchange at the beginning of NY 404 (which was then the major through route of NY 104), but both ramps followed the eastern carriageway. The west side has always been residential, meaning that people who lived there had to use a bunch of interchange loops for access to and from certain points for a number of years. This all changed when NY 104 was upgraded to a freeway, allowing the cloverleaf to be converted back into a diamond. The SE quadrant was kept for all NY 590 NB movements so that Warrenton St. could be dead-ended without any traffic flying by. The third photo shows that some old ramp pavement remains to the north.

In the background is the Irondequoit Bay Bridge, current NY 104, while NY 404 follows the old route around the south side of the bay. In the foreground is the Laughing Sunshine Dude. It's a Lovely Sunny Day in that picture with Lazy Sailboats Drifting by. Why, no, I'm not hinting at anything, and neither were the Beatles. I'm just saying that this scene would be even nicer if Lucy brought her Diamonds there.

Borrowed from Hawai`i, perhaps? It's on private property, so unless they have a Federally funded parking lot, they can do as they please.

Oh, a superhero elephant.

WB through Webster, past the Immanuel Evangelical Lutheran Church. I took the time to look it up, so I'm taking the time to type it out. There's a chance that the "4" on the old reference markers was patched right on top of a "1", but this would be the first such instance in the state, so it would be logical to assume they didn't do it and the 4's are peeling just because they're closer to the road. But wait, numbers can't peel separately if they're part of the sign...

WB past sign errors at Basket Rd. and Salt Rd. to nice peely shields. US 404 is a pervasive and always amusing error, and even makes it down to Delaware. The Route Not Found gets around.

See the old street signs, EB.

Salt Rd. SB has no errors, but does have an old NY 404 shield. You can tell by comparison to the new WB one next to it.

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