New York Roads - NY 39

US 62

The permanent signs are correct, but the temporary signs are wrong. There must be some law about conservation of US Highway shields, because a handful of US errors for NY 213 cropped up on US 209 at about the same time.

At the western end of NY 436, there's plenty of room in the shield, so why skimp on the font? Courtesy Doug Kerr.

A well-redone bridge on Papermill Rd. heading east from NY 39 across Conesus Creek.

There's also this structure just downstream, which seems like some sort of former driveway.

Looking south and north at the creek, and since north is clearly the more interesting direction, focusing on those falls a bit more. With millisecond shutter time, water droplets are captured in mid-flight.

Pole Bridge Rd., the next bridge upstream, facing north.

And south. It looks very similar to the one on Papermill Rd., but without a millstone in the middle.

Looking east (upstream) and west along the creek.

Back onto NY 39, or at least right next to it, still spanning the same Conesus Creek. Looking south, you can count all five arches.

The west side of the bridge, clearly downstream.

And the east side of the bridge.

NY 39 at Future US 219, Springville

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