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NY 37

The first sign north from NY 342, still in Watertown. Why not sign the Thousand Islands Bridge, closer and more convenient via I-81, accessible just to the west along 342? I bet it's because Ogdensburg and Thousand Islands each have their own international bridge agency, and Ogdensburg wants a piece of the more lucrative (by virtue of being along an Interstate) Thousand Islands pie.

What's now New York's newest Interstate, I-781, was under full-bore construction in September 2011. The west and east abutments (respectively) are already in despite not even having the approaches graded, let alone a structure ready to go on them.

Looking east, there seem to be enough trucks to get all the work done faster than you'd think.

Looking north along the Oswegatchie River at the Spring St. bridge in Ogdensburg.

NY 37/812 NB and SB at the ends of their concurrency around Ogdensburg, second photo courtesy Doug Kerr. Thanks to Ontario for furnishing these shields to New York.

SB in the Massena area at NY 37's two children, C and B respectively.

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