New York Roads - Former NY 356

Former NY 356, Ellicott Creek Rd., Tonawanda

Also known as .

Looking west and east on Ellicott Creek.

Tonawanda gets creative and, pardon the expression but it's extraordinarily apt, shits a brick. Some towns shouldn't erect signage. This WB shield is courtesy Doug Kerr.

Some more rectangular rotten eggs on Young St. SB. They're of a different style with thicker white lines, and I didn't see the one Doug photographed, so I guess someone complained about the shields being so terribly wrong and Tonawanda determined that the issue was the blank space inside the sign and not the actual shape.

The shield at the top of the page was WB from US 62, and this one is EB from the other end of Ellicott Creek Rd. It's very rare to find even one of these shields on a county-maintained road, so I'd bet this is the only road with two.

Right by that EB shield is the only reference marker left from NY 356, right at the Tonawanda town line. That's why the number on the bottom line is 2000 - the "2" means it's the second town ("1" is the City of Tonawanda, and "2" is the Town of Tonawanda). The larger font on the top line is an older style that was phased out in the 1970's or 1980's.

Doug Kerr decided one little green sign wasn't enough for NY 356, so he sent me this shield in much worse condition. It was on Colvin Blvd. NB until 2006, but stopped being useful many, many years before that. I don't mind that this sign is gone. If you squint a little, you can see that the 6 has a loop and the arrow is thin, in the old 1960's-1970's style. Perhaps it's of similar age to the green sign.

Ending the page the way I began, west and east on Ellicott Creek again.

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