New York Roads - NY 33

NY 33

EB button copy in Buffalo. This continues the stone-sided freeway from the Scajaquada Expwy., NY 198.

Still EB, no longer button copy but getting bizarre. NY 240 is Harlem Rd., and has been since 1970, so I bet NYSDOT simply copied the original signage here on the Kensington Expwy., which was indeed constructed prior to 1970, and then realized their folly later. Other states, or even other regions, would put a single large NY 240 shield above the sign instead. The I-90 WB sign is clearly a one-off mistake, as it has far too small a border and is one of the only signs in the country to bother spelling out "BOUND".

One more spot of button copy on the ramp to NY 277, and old shields found there.

The old shields come out in force as I near the end of NY 33. These are EB in western Rochester.

WB at the same place, skipping a newer assembly and showing the shield in the gore between NY 33 and NY 33A.

The home of the original Garbage Plate, which actually isn't that original at all because it's pretty similar to the Hawaiian mixed plate. I wonder if ol' Nick took a trip out there and decided he liked the idea, or if he independently conceived something nearly identical. It's good, though, really good, especially here.

NY 31 comes in from the left on Broad St. and NY 33 ends. 31 then turns left, so in theory the last sign is meant for that traffic as well, but since it's on the far corner of the intersection facing NY 33 it probably does more service to that route.

Turning the corner onto neither Broad St. nor Ford St., but Boys Club Pl. Down Ford St. is a reconstructed bridge that features on my NY 15 and NY 383 pages.

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