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Just barely outside the city, an old alignment of Flatbush Rd. begins at Frank Sottile Blvd. After peeking south at the stub, I head north back to NY 32 and another stub now apparently used for truck parking.

Just north of NY 199, I look north from Tuyten Bridge Rd. at the stub of another old alignment and then head south to the dead-end caused by 199's construction.

Back on the mainline, an older SB shield.

Heading north from Kingston, all the way on up through Saugerties to where Old Kings Highway and NY 32 part ways. The last sign is just off of NY 32 on that old Kings Highway alignment, at the beginning of a sharper curve that NY 32 once followed. To see the old highway, or to turn onto the Malden Turnpike (Ulster CR 34) in the area of the last photo, follow the link at the bottom of the page.

The blue signs never end! Still northbound in the first photo, while the other two are both on George Saile Rd. George Saile begins at NY 32A and heads east to the first shield, then crosses NY 32, becomes an old alignment, and the second shield is half-visible from the mainline at the angled end of George Saile.

Speaking of NY 32A, these are SB at the county line.

Just south of NY 23 in Cairo, an old alignment of NY 32 that continued diagonally on past the end of the dirt and gravel, then reappears as the illustrious William Dinger Road, then turns into Grove Street, then disappears again before becoming the Greene CR 41A bridge, curving into CR 85. CR 85 ends at NY 23 right where NY 32 now leaves the short duplex and continues on its own. I think it was abandoned in favor of bringing traffic onto the four-lane divided 23, because otherwise there's no compelling reason.

A treasure at the side of former NY 32, several chains from the nearest intersection (I'd have said several rods, but chains are longer).

Turned back around southbound on old NY 32. I'll curve left and continue north on current 32.

The old, the strange (stenciled!), and then the faded, starting northbound and with the last two photos westbound and eastbound on Albany CR 406, respectively. Someone could tell Albany County that the standard (i.e. unstretched) pentagon works just fine for three-digit numbers, but several counties in NY prefer the stretched style.

Now to the bizarre. Early doctor? Great, there was once a doctor in this area. If every 19th-century or earlier homestead had a blue sign stating who once lived or worked there, NYSDOT would never have the time to make guide signs or shields.

Northward again, Albany tries the narrow shield and it works. Then again, that may be only because the route has a "1" in it.

This old sign is notable for the road that's meeting NY 32 - Onesquethaw Creek Rd. The name is plenty, but it also appears this was once an old alignment of NY 32 (or the original pre-numbering road).

One more northbound county shield.

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