New York Roads - NY 32 - Kingston and S.

, Kingston and south

The Rushmore Library in Highland Mills, then continuing SB toward the end of NY 32.

SB under the railroad that becomes the Moodna Viaduct to the north.

NB on a long old alignment just past Highland Mills and the New York Thruway.

NB over Moodna Creek outside Cornwall.

New Jersey-style shields abound, northbound at the beginning of NY 300 (and near the beginning of NY 94) at a five-way intersection.

Southbound in New Paltz, including a short multiplex with NY 299. NY 32 has plenty more old shields where these came from.

Helvetica milemarker just north of NY 208 in New Paltz, heading northbound.

NB at a historic corner that's now missing everything De Witt (or DeWitt). There's a little more on the CR 28 page linked at bottom.

Looking north and south from Rockwell Lane; Rockwell Terrace is the narrow street in the second photo, and both photos show the original alignment of NY 32, north of Bloomington.

Old and large, northbound entering Kingston, the first capital of New York.

Old and regular-size, northbound in Kingston at Washington Ave., where I turned to get to NY 28/I-587 (Washington is old 28).

All NY 32 SB, in Kingston, between Clinton Ave. (NY 213) and Greenkill Ave. That's six shields with old arrows, and an old school sign, in five blocks.

Opposite direction, NB at the end of NY 213. Well, almost; NY 213 appears to continue northward until Henry St. ends, then miraculously disappears there. That's according to the southbound direction, which can be seen on the NY 213 page (link below). Dig the cutout Kingston-Rhinecliff Bridge shield, as small as it came out; I would think that's pointing down Broadway to US 9W, thus avoiding the center of town, or else it's actually pointing along NY 32 at the following intersection:

Beautiful button copy in downtown Kingston, at the dual ends of NY 28 and I-587. These are southbound; NY 32 then makes an acute left onto Broadway, and the last assembly, while visible from NY 32 SB, is really meant for I-587/NY 28 EB. No matter, they go here because I took them from NY 32.

NY 32 NB, turning right from Broadway onto Albany Avenue.

Albany Ave. NB, the only one of the legs of the intersection with no route number. NY 32 NB is straight, NY 32 SB bears right on Broadway. The first two signs are on the same gantry.

Bear right toward NY 32 SB and keep your eyes peeled for a light pole just before St. James Street. Up far above useful level is this remnant of an embossed NY state route shield, long since weathered of any identifying information.

Faded SB brown signs heading into Kingston.

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