New York Roads - NY 31 - W. of downtown Rochester

west of downtown Rochester

Pretty much the beginning of NY 31, College Ave. west from Highland Ave. in Niagara Falls. The two-head signals face McKoon Ave. with a pair of red indications. The street actually has a stop sign most of the time, and I presume the reds flash when there's a pedestrian crossing to indicate that NY 31 has a red light. I would really have to test this out in person to figure out the operation.

Looking south on NY 61 (Hyde Park Blvd.), which has a railroad crossing on each side of NY 31. Or had, because these assemblies seem to have been removed between 2013 and 2018.

WB under I-190, built in the 1950s as part of the Thruway system and thus with classic arches.

Over to Lockport, with the second photo at the SE corner of Main St. and Cottage St. This building both sells and is Antiques of Lockport.

Does this canal make my bridge look big? I feel like the claim is a little overblown, maybe less so for 1932, but the bridge is a full block long with NY 31 bisecting it diagonally. These photos face west.

Looking east along the canal toward the Pine St. bridge.

Westbound on the east side of Lockport, past the War Memorial.

W e s t b o u n d o n 3 1 A.

Former Fancher railroad depot, now on the northwest corner of NY 31 and NY 387 and selling corn stoves.

Sunset, moonrise, entering Ogden.

WB leaving Rochester. I want to see the previous assembly at I-390.

Broad St. WB up to Lyell Ave. in Rochester. This assembly can stay.

Broad St. WB approaching Brown and Campbell Streets by I-490 Exit 12. The reconstruction of the freeway through Rochester closed the WB onramp from Campbell St.

EB in the same spot; the onramp from Platt St. EB is also closed. The straight arrow looks like it's pointing a different way than the slanted left arrow, so NYSDOT should have matched them.

Allen St. EB, which becomes Platt St. here at Broad St. (NY 31). It's disappointing to see a reused I-390 bubble shield so close to a genuine I-490 shield - why couldn't NYSDOT have patched this arrow as well and just left the old shield? Click on the second photo for closeup.

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