New York Roads - NY 31 - E. of Rochester

NY 31 east of Rochester

All photos are eastbound unless otherwise noted.

Across the Erie Canal into Pittsford.

Right back over the Erie Canal out of Pittsford (first 4 photos), making that a most historic town indeed. Just a few minutes later, there's a third canal crossing into Fairport during some gentle Thanksgiving snow. Such is northern NY.

With NY 31 done crossing the canal, it's time for other roads to do the same (all to the north). The first is O'Neil Rd. east of the end of NY 31F, and the second is Walworth Rd., Wayne CR 208.

This 1858 bridge carried the Erie Canal over Ganargua Creek, but it's called the Mud Creek Aqueduct. Both names apply to the same waterway. The old canal is now part of a spillway for the widened Barge Canal.

Passing by NY 21 (first photo) and Port Gibson Rd. If you want to cross a few more Erie Canal trusses, check out the Wayne County link at bottom.

Three photos each of the East Ave. Bridge and the Elliott Park Bridge in Newark. The latter was a Pennsylvania Railroad truss.

Don't blink(er) or you might miss Colburn Park on your way to Village Park in Clyde. Let's see how much longer it has a statue to a former slaveowner in today's sociopolitical climate.

This time, I'm crossing the Seneca River, not the Erie Canal.

One photo, four views, at the Utica St./Main St. split in Port Byron. In the last photo, Port Byron Hotel dates to 1840.

From a former railroad abutment to NY 34 in Weedsport, which is a village within the Town of Brutus.

A second, less decorative, abutment is on the north side of NY 31 east of town.

EB in Baldwinsville, WB in Cigarville (Town of Clay). I just checked, and the diner's hours are "Wednesday through Sunday, 6am to 10pm". So... not always open - but only during COVID.

Into Vernon Center, where NY 31 ends.

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