New York Roads - NY 298

What is it about NY 298 that leads to peeled shields?

What is it about Truck NY 298 in Syracuse that leads to larger center digits? (It's an epidemic, trust me.) The abandoned school (my best guess as to what it was) is so neat, I almost wish the shield would get out of the way so I could see it better. Almost. Not quite.

Most of the exits around Carrier Circle, which resets at 0 degrees north. There's no reason to why there are exit numbers at all, let alone in a system where through traffic will either encounter Exits 5-1-2 or 3-4. Oh, and it makes no sense to have the through route exit itself on either end (see Exit 2). Carrier Circle and Carrier Pkwy. are aptly named, for they carry NY 298, but are actually named after Carrier Corporation (one of the only major employers left in Syracuse). I-78 also has five exits in a loop exiting the Holland Tunnel, but at least that's an Interstate highway and at least it doesn't exit itself (ending before doing so) - oh, also, the exits progress from 1 upward in that case.

If you were hoping signage improved leaving Carrier Circle, I'm sorry. Bubble shields are the new New Coke. They'll be around hopefully about as long. In the meantime, they need to stop infecting NY 298, which looks like a horribly stretched version of a 2-digit shield on top.

Finally, things look better at the very end of the route, with the only old reference marker I saw.

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