New York Roads - NY 29

NY 29

EB at Burrell Rd. to the north. The south leg of this intersection is NY 170A.

WB and EB signs on the west side of Johnstown for Johnson Hall (1762), one of the most historic colonial buildings in the United States, courtesy Lou Corsaro. The second one is at Hall Ave., which leads to the hall. Of course. Hall goes to Hall, and Johnstown is named for Johnson.

Two more from Lou in Johnstown, on Green St. WB leading up to NY 29. The first is the site of the first St. John's Church (1760) erected by Sir William Johnson of Johnson Hall fame, and happens to be the first Church of England north of the Mohawk River. I guess the Mohawk River qualified as a major geographical division? The second is the Drumm House, home of Edward Wall, the schoolmaster of Sir Johnson's free school. The reason I know this much is that I looked up the signs because you can't necessarily make them out here.

EB at NY 67, still in Johnstown, still courtesy Lou Corsaro. This was the only colonial courthouse in NY (the sign says "State of NY", but obviously it wasn't a state if it was a colony). The first general sessions of the court were held here on September 8, 1772 when Montgomery County was still known as Tryon County. Fulton later split off, so Johnstown is twice removed.

EB at the west end of Stevers Mills Rd. near Broadalbin, then on Stevers Mills WB. It looks like a stub because it is, the old alignment of NY 29.

Sure enough, the other end of Stevers Mills also has a stub, and this one is exposed original concrete.

WB at I-87. Everything is fine except the lack of units on the first sign - okay, and these should be black on yellow. New York posts Actual Clearances because their policy is otherwise to allow 6" above the posted height just in case a trucker swears his rig is 14' even and not 14' 2". So in this case, that trucker would be out of luck.

An old-style reference marker, courtesy Adam Moss.

A first-generation historical sign on Saratoga CR 338, former NY 338, heading east from NY 29 toward the Saratoga Battle Monument and Schuylerville.

WB entering Schuylerville, and looking north along the former Champlain Canal, an intermittent bypass of some tricky parts of the upper Hudson River back when rivers were used for transportation.

WB along the Batten Kill and through Greenwich. Okay, I turned east a bit to get the best side of the statue at Washington Square.

Want some more Batten Kill? You got it! Photos look west and east along the river, but not from NY 29. No, they're from a special place:

Washington CR 61, here heading east from NY 29 in Battenville.

And back west.

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