New York Roads - Old NY 28B

Former NY 28B

State St. SB in Prospect, the former end of NY 28B, now town maintained as you can probably tell. Original NY 287 (now 365 due to the same-numbered Interstate) came in on Church St., obviously past the church, then out on Summit St. NY 28B headed northwest from there to Remsen.

Looking north where old 287, Summit St., heads east from old NY 28B.

Northbound out of Prospect and into the next town, with the last remnants of the former state highway. Since NY 28B died in the 1960s, this is either a 50-year old reference marker, or more likely, the state still inventoried what's now a reference route (NY 920V) as NY 28B for a time. The speed limit sign, also a state issue, could be slightly newer than that, because NY 920V wasn't truncated to NY 365 until 365 came outside Prospect on the modern bypass.

Before Remsen incorporated as a town, Capel Cerrig was here in its Middle English glory, serving as a meeting house.

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