New York Roads - NY 28 - N. of Margaretville

NY 28 north of Margaretville

NB up to and entering Delhi. Because it's high up the West Branch Delaware River, it's pronounced Del-High.

SB across the bridge, and looking west along the West Branch.

Do people really confuse county and state routes? Must have happened to warrant this SB assembly.

South of I-88 but still near it in Oneonta, Main St. SB. Main St. has an interchange to and from the west only, hence the need to direct traffic east a bit to NY 23.

Two multiplex shields from I-88.

NB at the east end of the multiplex in Cooperstown.

SB from there toward I-88.

Otsego CR 26 SB in Fly Creek.

To the east, Canadarago Lake.

Plenty of old-style SB reference markers if you like, and if not, I like.

Big NB downgrade ahead into Mohawk. These signs would be yellow if made nowadays.

SB over the Mohawk River next to an Erie Canal lock, and into Mohawk.

You know something's screwy on NY 28 when you started out at the Thruway, and are crossing the Thruway, but you started at N-S I-87 and are about to reach E-W I-90. Ultimately, you come back to I-87 as the Northway. Photo is NB, courtesy Doug Kerr.

Northbound along and then across West Canada Creek, from Herkimer into Middleville.

Looking east and west from the truss bridge along the creek.

Back south into Herkimer.

Spied on and exiting NY 12 around Barneveld.

This typical Adirondacks sign (special color scheme for the forest) is SB with NY 30 NB. Being a horseshoe, NY 28 comes back to NY 30 several hours later, as you'll see, but at that point it's east-west.

A weird one, on NY 28N EB leaving NY 30. Must be a blue heron, NY's only similar-looking bird.

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