New York Roads - NY 279

There are two kinds of shields on NY 279: old and rusty, or even older and cracked. It's the highway time forgot, maybe because it turns six times around Waterport. These are all SB through the first two turns.

The other direction of the second turn, NB on Waterport Rd. at Kendrick Rd., then just past there.

SB again, the turn at Clark Mills Rd. is easy enough to figure out, and then this is at the next turn.

Looking east and west along Waterport Pond.

The north shore of the pond, west of NY 279, in fall regalia.

South of Waterport, the road straightens out and the shields are farther apart. You also get a curve sign from the same era, and old arrows at the end of the road as well. It's Bacon!

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