New York Roads - NY 266

NY 266

NB in Buffalo, first two photos at Virginia St. and Porter Ave. I believe that was once a shield, but it could have been anything.

The opposite direction, at Virginia St., with City Hall in the background.

The ground signage is more mundane. NY 266 NB turns left here, with NY 265 beginning ahead and NY 198 beginning to the right.

The first pair of photos are for a simple railroad overpass just beyond the NY 265 split. The second pair are for a spur that crosses the north end of Squaw Island and (off-camera) heads into Ontario. As depicted in the NY 265 trestle, railroad trusses are one of the seven sights to see in Buffalo.

Continuing NB up to the end of NY 325.

SB button copy from there back to a temporary wooden bubble shield.

NY 266 follows the Niagara River while I-190 heads briefly inland, and then they come back together for a full interchange just south of Grand Island - which is where those blue bridges are heading.

The only reason this is here is for the old Seaway Trail sign. Just down the road to the left, NY 324 leaves I-190 from the South Grand Island Bridge, so it doesn't actually meet NY 266 in this direction. NY 324 WB, on the other hand, turns onto NY 266 NB to get onto I-190 NB.

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