New York Roads - NY 25A

Northern Blvd. WB at Queens Blvd. (NY 25) in an area known as Queens Plaza. There are active subway tracks up there (in New York City, subways are very commonly elevated) but the structure was built for a lot more tracks than that.

There are no left turns from Jackson Ave. (NY 25A EB) toward the Queensboro Bridge, so the next intersection northeast carries the load. I don't recognize this font, but it's not the right one.

NY 25A/Northern Blvd. WB under the el to the same displaced Queens Blvd. intersection, which somehow incorporates a U-turn. I'm not so sure about that one.

WB through the area of I-678 and the Grand Central Parkway. It's also the northern boundary of the World's Fair area, and just south of Shea Stadium.

Click to visit old Shea Stadium.

ACK! That "TO" sign is GREEN! Never mind that the MA 25A shield is a little top heavy, where did NYSDOT get a gre... wait... MA 25A? In Flushing Meadows? It's still there in this eastbound progression.

These white rectangular signs still show up in various places in New Jersey, but this is the first I've seen in New York. All EB, and as you'll see, the first sign is really TO, not the exit itself. The second sign is posted above 114th St. SB but serves traffic from NY 25A.

Eastbound at I-678's Exit 13, with the fourth (next to last) photo courtesy Doug Kerr. Contractor error has the ramp also signed as NY 25A's Exit 13.... There are three EB-NB lanes here because this road, running near the former World's Fair site and Shea Stadium, is also carrying Grand Central Parkway traffic, a lot of which is going from the EB GCP to NB I-678 via Northern Boulevard. Between the GCP and 678 there are a ton of ramps merging with and flying above/next to 25A. Click on the third photo for a way cool nighttime shot.

Narrow and funky shields WB through the same short connector freeway.

WB on NY 25A at the Clearview's SB surface road (I-295 Exit 5), second photo courtesy Doug Kerr and gone now. Hillside Avenue is, at least for part of its length, NY 25.

EB, same spot.

WB starting at 223rd St., flanking the I-295 interchange. You may have noticed another old Port Authority sign above in the EB direction.

Overhead EB at Allen Dr. in Thomaston. The large yellow signs with warning signs mounted on them are still a New York standard, although with more modern appurtenances.

Crossing Hempstead Harbor in Roslyn. Construction is all done now.

Long Island gets its first US route! Courtesy Marie Lebowitz, just east of NY 106.

WB and EB faces of the sign.

And nearby, EB entering Cold Spring Harbor, is an original reference marker, which you can tell by the dash before the number. If there were no "A", there would be a dash after it as well.

NY 108 ends at ugly newfangled shields, although it really ends just to the left at 25A itself and not at Lawrence Hill Rd., which appears to be old NY 25A.

Heading WB from Huntington to Cold Spring Harbor (first two photos), then turning around and heading east to Washington Dr. in Centerport.

EB at the state park entrance outside East Northport. This is the top of the Sunken Meadow State Parkway, of course, and a standard Long Island parkway entrance banner is stuck on the sign possibly just for that reason.

NY's original and rare dashed reference markers appear EB east of Indian Head Rd., Suffolk CR 14.

Leaving the ferry in Port Jefferson, courtesy Mike Byrnes.

Very humpy shields at the eastern end of NY 347 in 1975, courtesy Michael Summa.

A fake business route in Rocky Point, seen westbound here. When the town was bypassed in the 1990s, signs on either end of the old road were erected pointing to Business 25A, but NYSDOT only recognizes NY 25A itself around the southern bypass.

Old Northern Blvd., Roslyn (former NY 25A)

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