New York Roads - NY 250

NY 250

SB across the Erie Canal into Fairport, meeting NY 31F at the First Baptist Church. "F" is not for "Fairport", it's just the 6th branch of NY 31. I've seen a few Erie Canal bridges now where there's a second pedestrian level accessed by stairs, such that people can keep crossing the canal when the bridge is raised for ship traffic.

Webster, southbound. The old banners in the 3rd photo once had proper NY shields under them. This is why I call US 404 "Route Not Found."

Looking east along NY 404 and downtown Webster in the November snow. If you don't like it, don't move this far north.

NB and SB button copy at the NY 104 entrance ramp. It's now a freeway for a distance east of Rochester, hence the existence of NY 404.

More old reference markers, NB and SB.

Old street signs, NB and SB.

Street signs that shouldn't look this old, on the NW and SE corners of Klem Rd. (Monroe CR 5), on NY 250 (Webster Rd.) SB.

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