New York Roads - NY 25 - NYC/Nassau Co.

NY 25, New York City and Nassau County

Photos start in Manhattan with the Queensboro Bridge, which seems to have mostly shed the 59th St. Bridge moniker from the days of Simon and Garfunkel.

1st St. SB.

59th St. EB, with the Upper Level approach passing over. The extra tower to the left is for the Roosevelt Island tram. If you like bridges, you'll love the tram ride - see the big link at bottom.

60th St. EB, and the lights come on at dusk.

Button copy abounds, EB heading into Queens and the beginning of the long spur route (25A is nearly the length of 25). In the fifth photo, the messages seem to be mixed in terms of which lanes go where - and why are there so many signs? The upper roadway of the bridge can be reversed during rush hour, so the WB side needs EB signage for the occasional traffic it gets, such as the matching signs in the second and third photos. That's why the sixth photo is blurry (well, the left half I wasn't able to retake) - it's a photo of signs all the way over by the WB lanes. By the time I get to the last photo, this isn't NY 25 anymore - 25 technically uses both levels, but only the lower level is a continuous route onto Queens Blvd. - the upper level needs to use Thomson Ave. to get back there.

WB starting on Thomson Ave., across the Upper Level, and down to 2nd Ave. These photos run concurrently with the westbound video I took.

Now WB over the lower level. Before this trip, I hadn't driven this bridge once on either level. This level is a lot more Bohemian, and in the second photo you can see the subway train at least as well as its passengers can see you. You don't get to see that from the upper level.

Completing the picture, click to drive the lower level EB.

21st St. NB, looking east, then turning left onto the Upper Level approach. The limited height of the rotating drums leads to interesting letter alignment. These were both button copy when I took these photos, and both have since been replaced.

EB just off the Queensboro Bridge up to 28th St. The confusing assembly should just drop the NY 25 shield and stretch the others out.

Nothing should be allowed to deface a historic railroad overpass, but at least graffiti doesn't obliterate large parts of the structure. This is WB at 74th St.

EB at Jewel Ave. Queens Blvd. (NY 25) has a quad roadway configuration, similar to Roosevelt Blvd. in Philadelphia except with parking on the outer roadways. Right turns are only allowed from the outside, left turns only from the inside.

Old Nassau County signs, EB courtesy Lou Corsaro up to I-495 Exit 40.

The westbound counterpart that I took. These signs should either be smaller or have destinations on them.

WB on 25, last photo (west of I-495) courtesy Doug Kerr and gone now. I wonder who lives in Hicksville. Tee hee. Etcetera.

Now EB. Notice the NY 495 shield - Long Island used to think that much of 495 was a New York route. Well, actually, blame NYSDOT, who finally figured out they could extend I-495 all the way east but left a lot of shields like this hanging around.

The Seaford-Oyster Bay Expressway originally was supposed to tie into the Wantagh Parkway. This EB sign originally said Wantagh as the destination, and only when NYSDOT was sure the extension would never happen was the destination revised.

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