New York Roads - NY 25 - Roosevelt Isl.

NY 25 (Queensboro Bridge) from Roosevelt Island

Starting east on the Roosevelt Island tram ride for a unique perspective of the historic structure. The third photos shows a whole lot of wrong-way traffic - this is normally the outbound roadway as shown, but gets inbound traffic during the morning rush hour, which is normally the only time anyone will read the signs you can see here.

Finishing the tram ride to Roosevelt Island. So close to the bridge structure instead of underneath it, it's easy to see its various components, including the spiky tower adornments and the numerous eyebars that hold up the top of the truss, similar to the cables of a suspension bridge or even more similar to the iron chain links that made up the earliest suspension "cables." (The Queensboro was built in the 20th century though, long after the modern suspension bridge was innovated.)

Back west into Manhattan.

The tram exits on the north side of the bridge. Keeping my eyes on Manhattan, I walk south from there toward the bottom of Roosevelt Island.

Looking east across the island from directly under the Queensboro.

Now walking up the east side of the island, the camera follows the eastern side of the Queensboro as I walk underneath it from south to north.

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