New York Roads - NY 240

NB at Cattaraugus CR 86, also known as 86A or 86-1 due to Cattaraugus County's internal bookkeeping. CR 86-2 is the only hyphenated route that makes it onto a shield - usually multiple instances of the same number are all shielded as the same route. Like in Sullivan County, when Cattaraugus maintains a state highway, it slaps its own county route number on it and even posts it.

The county would be better off leaving the old state shields instead of trying to replace them, but even an ugly shield is better than none.

The Bigelow Bridge crosses Cattaraugus Creek just southeast of Springville. It has been superseded by a much longer bridge on a more gradual curve.

Walking south across the bridge, after which the road curved right to get back to the current alignment.

Read about it yourself.

NY 240 ran into the old alignment of Vaughn St. just north of the bridge. NY 240 was later realigned to the west to skip an S-curve, and then the new bridge was constructed to leave this one for fishing access. That's a far better fate than dismantling.

The other (northern) end of the old alignment, Randall Dr. The old road wasn't closed in the middle until sometime around when the new bridge was constructed, meaning it was open for many years parallel to the new road.

The wrong shields for the road. Batman invades East Concord, and Erie County asserts that if it maintains the road, its route number goes on it. This is one of possibly no more than five Erie County route shields left.

NB and SB at the northern edge of Orchard Park. There are three different shield designs here, two right next to each other. The ground-mounted 277 is correct, and the BGS-mounted shields should be cutouts.

NB across Cazenovia Creek shortly past dusk.

Not "to". This is on the far side of a huge railyard from US 62, where I was blocked by a soap box derby. Little did I know that the next railroad crossing to the west was much closer than NY 240, but at least I got this shield and some time on NY 130 out of it.

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