New York Roads - NY 22 - Millerton and S.

, Millerton and south

An unnecessary and misleading shield, NB in Mt. Vernon at Ellwood Ave. NY 22 does not in fact turn right here. It does bear slightly right at one-way Hussey Rd., but that's one way the wrong way so there should be no confusion - not to mention a lot of trees and striping delineating the through route.

Old and hidden, SB at E. Grand St. in Mount Vernon. Local streets form the connections to and from Cross County Pkwy. EB.

SB up to another Grand St., with a much newer and incorrect sign, in White Plains. The old NY 119 shield is also incorrect, but it was at least correct when installed. NY 119 now ends at NY 22 instead of continuing east on Westchester Ave.

The first two signs are on the left and right of NY 22 NB just after the Westchester Ave. merge. Keep right toward the ugly-font shield, staying on 22 NB, and you'll see the third photo's assembly. The 119 here is still correct thanks to the arrow. Keep left toward the weird arrow and you're making a U-turn from NY 22 NB at the last photo, but it's a necessary left turn for traffic from Westchester Ave.

NB approaching I-287, with an LGS on a pole masquerading on a BGS. The word CROSS is centered perfectly, so I'm guessing NYSDOT simply forgot there's a route number there as well.

Photos continue straight south on short Central Westchester Parkway instead of heading toward US 22. It must have an awfully convoluted routing to New Jersey from here.

Broadway EB exiting the circle where Taconic State Parkway begins near the end of Bronx River Parkway. Through the blur you can see TO NY 22 and TO [2-digit width] I-287. Sorry, it was sundown.

In Valhalla in 1976, courtesy Michael Summa.

SB from I-684 Exit 3 to the beginning of Bronx (River) Parkway. The stone bridge is the underpass for Bronx River Pkwy. NB.

So US 202 is ahead, but NY 202 is to the left? Actually, given the signage, it may as well be a state highway along that stretch. The second photo is a gradual railroad overcrossing on their concurrency.

SB on NY 22 where I-684 begins. NY 22 takes a numbered exit from itself thanks to 684's influence, even though 684 doesn't begin until that happens.

NY 22 NB/US 6-202 EB at that location. NY 22 was routed up onto the end of I-684, creating a stub for the old end - see link at bottom. Every time NY 22 follows US 202, there is a railroad overpass.

Cemetery Rd. SB in Dover Plains. NY 22 once went under this railroad arch.

CR 81 SB, and 81 NB at CR 3. That's a non-standard banner.

Why put up chevron signs when you can hire local painters? SB with US 44 WB.

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Putnam CR 50, old NY 22 at I-684
Grand Concourse, Bronx, former NY 22
Park Ave., NYC, former NY 22
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