New York Roads - NY 213/NY 32, Tillson and W./Ulster CR 7

and NY 32/213, Tillson and west;
NY 213/Ulster CR 7

County signage at the west end of Tongore Rd., also the end of Ulster CR 5 SB.

EB in Stone Ridge, courtesy Doug Kerr.

WB in the same place while on US 209. I guess the detour is for a completely different route, right?

Important things happened near Bruceville Rd. The first sign is WB opposite Ulster CR 6A at Bruceville Rd. itself, with too, many, commas, and the second sign is EB on an old alignment just to the east.

The ugliest signs in Ulster are reserved for this part of NY 213. The last photo is at the southeastern end of the CR 7 concurrency, where all sorts of interesting things happen that take up the rest of this page and most of the CR 7 page (linked at bottom).

One of the morning stops before the Highland Road Meet on October 3, 2009 (see link at bottom) was the Wallkill Valley Railroad Bridge. We did go up on top for some spectacular scenery, and here are the views from the bottom looking west/north along NY 213/CR 7.

An EB/SB view under the bridge.

Two signs seen EB and WB. The Joppenbergh sign is on the WB side (also CR 7 NB) and the D&H sign is on the EB side.

Different types of survey markers along the riverbank (really creekbank, as this is along Rondout Creek) and NY 213 EB/CR 7 SB. NY 213 appears to have been built up along the side of the river, so the various markers are probably related to that effort.

Just east of the end of the CR 7 concurrency, a mystery alignment breaks off to the north of NY 213. It doesn't appear to have been old 213, and may never have been a road at all, just a fire access to a standpipe.

Our brief journey down that road was rewarded with natural cavelets to the north in the cliffs above Rosendale.

WB (NY 32 NB) approaching the north end of Tillson and the Rondout Creek bridge; just to the north, NY 213 takes its leave of NY 32 to head west.

A closeup of the Fording Place sign in the background.

Crossing the Rondout Creek bridge on NY 32 SB/NY 213 EB. Remember above that 213 had to cross Rondout Creek once already. That's because it follows the south shore between NY 32 and Kingston.

That bridge looking north from James St. in Tillson.

Across the bridge NB/WB while it's under reconstruction.

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