New York Roads - NY 206/30

NY 206 and NY 30/206

A steeper old alignment, Juliand Hill Rd., looking west across NY 12 in Greene.

Into downtown Greene, looking east from Canal St. at Civil War-era buildings along NY 41/206.

Signs on the corners of the NY 7 intersection in Bainbridge. The original Catskill Turnpike turned from NY 206 to the west onto 7 to the east. Perhaps that's why both roads are Main St., but having two different Main Streets intersect cannot be easy to navigate.

All the way east to Downsville, just east of the western NY 30/206 junction.

This covered bridge is a short jaunt south from the church along Bridge St.

Looking back north across the East Branch Delaware River.

Ending with views to the west and east.

Onto NY 30 alone

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