New York Roads - NY 204

NY 204

NY 204 EB begins around the loop from I-490 WB on a clear evening.

The west end of the aborted Airport Expressway, which was meant to bypass the NY 33A duplex and connect to I-390. Instead, it was reconfigured to end at the bottom of the would-be WB onramp from 33A, with no interchanges between there and I-490.

Over the Erie Canal, looking north and south. There may have accidentally been a NY 390 shield there at some point, hence the arrows. I-390 NB is to the right, leading to I-490 in one mile, and I-390 SB is straight and then left. It's possibly faster to stay on 204 to I-490 West, though.

Leaving Greater Rochester Int'l Airport. The proportion of the "h" and "t" to the other lower-case letters is fine, but the "R" is supposed to be the same height.

EB by the airport.

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