New York Roads - NY 18F

All photos are northbound.

Starting out in overly creative Lewiston, up to the turn onto 4th St. The first sign is nowhere close to a proper NY shield.

Lewiston has some super-official alternate route signs that you know are so totally legit. Also, the 1901 Red Brick Schoolhouse and a retake of the photo atop the page showing how NYSDOT will replace its shields before they age, but not its historic trail signs.

Ontario in the autumn across the Niagara River.

The 1908 Stella Niagara Convent building.

Vintage speed limit and a 1936 historical marker at Swain Rd.

On the right, the 1842 Stone Inn, now known as the Ontario House. On the left at NY 93, the site of Eldorado Hotel.

NY 18F leaves the waterfront at Jackson St., the southern entrance to Fort Niagara. The northern entrance is the spur from the Robert Moses State Pkwy.. NY 18F is the last survivor of the six NY 18 spurs, hence the seemingly out-of-place lettering. Wilson and Rochester are both on 18, which may be because NY 18F was once the mainline of 18. That arrangement ended by 1950, though, before green signs were in use (even wooden ones).

NY 18F turns again two blocks later onto Lake St. with a rare old historical sign. See how poorly it aged from 2008-2012. That's a shame.

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