New York Roads - NY 17B

WB from NY 52A all the way to the end of the route, where the only new signs I photographed are the only wrong, very wrong ones. There's not a US route around for 20 miles.

Showing off suffixed routes with quite old shields - note the font - just west of Falls Mills, about 10 miles west of Liberty and NY 17, courtesy Doug Kerr.

WB starting at Kazens Pond.

The B should never be as large as the numerals, seen EB in the first photo.

Jefferson St. WB heading out of Monticello. At these signs, it ends at NY 17B, which then ends at NY 17 to the right. As far as I can tell, Jefferson St. is old NY 17, and West Broadway (starting where Jefferson now meets NY 42) was the original beginning of NY 17B.

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