New York Roads - NY 172

NY 172

All photos (for now) are of the old route, Baldwin Rd. east of I-684, which was cut off by the Interstate and the associated Exit 4 interchange.

WB down the beginning of Baldwin Rd. to the NY 172 stub. It still has that one state-issued sign at the beginning.

Now wait a minute, what's the point of having a speed limit sign right before the end of the road? This is EB at the top of the hill, about to hit modern NY 172. Although the WB speed limit sign is turned 90 degrees to face traffic turning from NY 172, there's always the possibility it was on the 172 WB mainline before it was converted into this leg of Baldwin. The EB sign, patched over a 55 (the only reason "State" would appear on top), was quite likely left in place. I can't think of any reason to have moved it here from anywhere else, because no one is speeding up from 30 to 40 around that sharp curve with a stop sign at the end.

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