New York Roads - NY 170

The first shield is off to a terrible start, just terrible.

And in the other direction, we have ugly, cheap knockoffs. That's ugly, cheap knockoffs of the state shield shape, coming in dead last.

I'd put my money on this horse.

It's worth getting lost in the street network on the east side of Little Falls. Here I've ended up at Alexander and Porteus Streets. How deep can the rabbit hole go?

How about down Whited St. from Loomis St. to a 1920's (if even that late) cats-eye sign? The words "Hospital Zone" are taped on, but that hardly diminishes from the cool part. Does this look like a "Q" to you?

Lose yourself just a little further, and end up on Burwell St. for the pair to the Whited St. sign. Does this look like a "Q" now? Here you can see the bolt-on back of the sign that holds all of the marbles in. Thanks to Doug Kerr for showing me where these signs are.

I'm going to get the last (NB) shield out of the way now, so you can just enjoy the endless wind farms with me on the northern leg of the route.

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