New York Roads - NY 166

NY 166

Can you spot the misspelling NB at NY 165? It isn't "Dorloo," which is an actual place name.

Otsego CR 54, old US 20, Chestnut St. in Cherry Valley. All of those things WB at 166. CR 54 may or may not multiplex with NY 166, but it does come out the other end of town on old 20 again.

Another old shield at the NB end of 166 just outside of Cherry Valley. But wait, there's more!

Before the END shield, make a right toward US 20 EB and on the exit ramp is this charm (it shouldn't be on the ramp at all - have one before the ramp begins and one after it merges). Order now and you'll also receive:

SB as it begins, one more old-font shield. Just $19.99 plus shipping and handling!

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